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summer 2012 166

This cake is from over 3 years ago!! I don’t think I have posted it before. The best part was the inside, the client wanted it to be just as groovy inside as it was out side. I snapped some pictures before stacking the cake.

summer 2012 158summer 2012 164

So fun right! This next one has a fun story, I got a call from a couple that wanted a cake to commemorate the completion of a goal to visit every city in Utah.  They were going to head out to the last town on their list and it was even going to be covered by one of the local newspapers.   Such a fun idea!

house 001

These last two are more recent.  The little red dragon was for my eldest son who loves dragons. If you can’t tell, I made this in a hurry, before the Grandparents and uncles arrived.  The kitchen was a mess but the kid was happy and that is what matters.


Next was an Iron man cake for another of my sweet boys. It was fun and fairly simple.