There are  several gardening blogs I like to read, one of which is May Dreams Gardens. On the 15th of every month she hosts a linky party where you can post what is blooming in your yard or garden.  I’ve meant to do this for a while now and resolved to finally do it today.  So of course, I woke up to this-


It is lovely to get moisture after such a warm dry winter, so no complaints here.  And I happen to get some snow free pictures the other day.


The view from my porch, most of the color you can see comes from Apricot Impression tulips my husband and I planted last fall.  They are really large and start out rather orangey before aging to a pretty coral pink.


Apricot Impression Tulips


Here is the opposite view of the same bed as above, sans snow.  Last year, in addition to the tulips, I planted Basket of Gold (Aurinia saxatilis), “Accent” daffodils, “Stainless”daffodils, blue pansies, (and some Marit tulips that yet to open) for spring color.  This year I added some Rock Cress (Aubrieta)  which will give a nice blue purple pop for weeks each spring.IMG_2072

This is a similar view from last April, just a little earlier.


Last spring, I spotted a gorgeous coral blooming shrub in a strangers front yard.  I had no idea what it was, so after driving by several more times, I decided to go up to the door and ask.  My boys were mortified, until i returned and told them no one had been home.  I found it on the internet, it was a flowering quince and then planted one in the fall.


It is a little scrawny now, but should reach 4-5 feet tall and wide.  This is double flowering variety that is supposed to be fruitless and thornless.  I’ll likely be adding a fruiting variety to the backyard eventually.


The quince is right behind our oh so lovely utility box in our side bed.  In this bed, I also planted “Geranium” Daffodils, in addition to tulip, rock cress, and basket of gold.


Geranium Daffy smell very sweet and have 2-3 blooms per stem.


Another of last years shots, a little earlier.  This years blooms seem to be about 3-4 weeks earlier than last years. IMG_3398

Our lilacs are blooming, and have been for around two weeks.  I am glad I had something to post on my first bloggers bloom day.  Hop on over to see more blooms at May Dreams.