In May it will be two years since we moved to our home.  I love this house, love our neighbors, love the location, love our big old yard, love the all the natural light in our house.  There is a lot to love.  However we knew going in that there would plenty to do to make it the home our own.  I think the first update we did was new toilets.  One of the kids had taken to calling them Grandma toilets.  Why, I don’t know, but they were tiny, and didn’t work properly, ever.  Now, I’m sure you’ll be disappointed, I don’t have picture of toilets today.  Most of our updates have been not super exciting, like the toilets, or fixing shredded window screens, or outdated smoke detectors.

The yard has been a little more fun. The original owners built this home as their dream home from what we’ve been told. He loved to garden and she realllly like pink(more on that later).  By the time the house came to us, however, the yard had been the victim of benign neglect for about 8 years.

This is what we started with-


Weedy and rocky, the soil was like cement.  The weeds were even kind of sparse because the ground was so hard.


One upside was that it was nice and shady in the afternoon, and we don’t have much shade on our property.  The weeding went fast and the existing lilac and buckthorn were in good shape.  I used some wood mulch from some stumps we had ground down to suppress the weeds.


This the best “after’ picture I got.  Since this was taken, I planted another butterfly bush along with some pansies and sea oats grass, and transplanted another brookside geranium.  In the spring I hope to divide the hosta and add some more color.