About seven years ago, my brother introduced me to blogging.  I quickly started a little family blog like the rest of the world and this blog for my cakes. Everyone was blogging and then everyone joined Facebook, and just like everyone else, I let my little family blog go.

Over the years, I’ve wanted more of an outlet for my other hobbies, quilting, gardening, etc, but felt like I couldn’t post them here.  After all, this is a cake blog, what if my three followers got mad.  Then I realized that the blogs I most enjoyed featured a variety of things and I just might enjoy blogging a little more as well, if I turned my attention to whatever is most exciting to me at the moment.  So as of today my blog subtitle is no longer ” Just Cake”, but “what makes life sweet”.  Hopefully I’ll post a little more often, and still have a some sugary eye candy frequently enough to make my baker friends happy!