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After about ten years of making cakes, I can look back and see clearly some of the trends wedding cakes have gone through in the last decade.  Shortly after I first started everyone wanted 3 tiered square cakes with ribbon wrapping the bottom edge. 026susanawilcox 001I had forgotten how much I loved this cake, still one of my favorites.

ferndell11-05 043After the square trend faded, most of the wedding cakes were round.  The new trend seemed to be grooms cakes, like these:bentley cake 015

mario cake 011076

There’s been other trends of course, and I really don’t do a ton of cakes, but this summer I notice the shape of cakes changing again.  This first cake was so fun to do,  I thought the simple clean lines and the color were just gorgeous.  It is always fun to do a cake that appeals to your own design style.  The dahlia was made from gum paste and was the element that caused me the most stress, having never done one before.  The plaque was made with modeling chocolate, using a technique that my sister in law Veronica taught me this summer.


DSC_0148I was also lucky enough to have my brother and family visiting at the time and he graciously took some great photos for me.  Thanks Forest!

The next cake was done for a sweet and sassy bride that I had the chance to teach at church.  It was a joy to be a part of her special day.  I loved the design she choose as well.  Notice the silhouette, narrow stacked tiers with an extra tall center tier.


Love the flowers, her florist did an awesome job.  Those extra tall tiers can be tricky to cover, but I love the look.  This one was hand painted with gold lustre dust.

I love seeing the changes come and go, what do you think will be the next big thing in wedding cakes?