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I don’t usually post too much personal stuff on this blog but I thought that maybe I should give a few reasons for my nearly year long absence.   For a while last fall, life was wild, we went on a trip and came back to a flooded home, my sweet grandma passed away and my mother came to stay for over a month while she and her siblings settled my grandmas estate.  But by far the biggest change in our life was that we found out we were excitedly expecting our fourth child.  I am not the happiest baby haver,  I get pretty sick and had gestational diabetes,  so while there were a few cakes in that time, none of them were posted.  Hopefully I’ll get to that soon!  In the meantime, maybe you’ll forgive me if I post something way cuter than any cake I’ve ever made.


My four sons!

Brand new little guy.  He had one serious rash, which thankfully went away after about a week or two.

At about six weeks.