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This isn’t quite a tutorial, I just happened to decide to take a few pictures before I frosted this cake, hence the naked shark.  My neighbor has an adorable grandson who was turning five,  and had wanted a shark cake for years.  Together they scrolled through images on line before sending me a picture of an super cute shark cake.   Very cute and inspiring, but I wished I could peek under the frosting and get an idea of the structure of the cake.  So I thought i would save the rest of you out there some figuring by snapping a few before I frosted the cake.  I started with a 14 inch round cake,  carved a giant comma shape out of it and used the reminder to make the tail, fins and head.


I frosted the vanilla cake with vanilla swiss meringue butter cream (the best butter cream for making sculpted cakes ever) and made the mouth, teeth, and eyes with fondant.