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Aren’t they cute?  I can’t really take any credit for the idea, there are dozens of different designs for these, even Martha Stewart and her minions have a version.  So why do another one?  Because  ghosts need arms!  Right?  How are they supposed reach out and grab you if they have no arms!?

This a great beginners project for working with fondant, quite simple.  They would be great for a cake walk, or as a Halloween cupcake dessert.

You’ll need

Mini cupcakes, completely naked (no wrapper)

Regular cupcakes, also nude



Pretzel sticks

Mini  marshmallows

edible ink marker



Sandwich the two cupcakes together,

both upside down, with a good blob of frosting






Cover the two cupcakes with frosting,

it doesn’t need to look good at this point

because it will be covered with fondant in a second.





Assemble the arms

by squishing two marshmallows

onto the end of a pretzel stick.

Make two for each ghost.




Give your ghostie his arms

by inserting the ends of the pretzel

into the body of the ghost.






Grab a ball of fondant

a little bigger than the size of a golf ball.

Roll it into a nice round ball.





With your rolling pin,

roll the fondant into an oval shape

I don’t think it needs to be perfect, but do make it a little wide to accommodate the arms.






Cover him up!







Shape him a little making some folds

and pulling the fondant so he has more of a head.






Draw a face with your food coloring marker,


use royal icing to pipe a face,


find some black sprinkles and use those.