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  • I started with 6 inch round cake stacked off center on a 8 inch round.  Support the top cake with 4 dowels.  Drive a skewer or dowel through both cakes for stability.

Carve the front side with a slight slope and the rear with more of a slope, using larger part of the 8 inch cake to give your dinosaur a bigger backside.  Leave small sections on the sides of the larger cake for hips/legs.  Carve the top cake so that it is more narrow at the top, taking at least an inch from either side.

Once your cake is carved, give it a good coat of frosting.  I used a swiss meringue butter cream for both the frosting and the filling.  Place the cake on your cake board.


Using 2 batches of rice krispie treats, while they are still warm, shape into a tail that is thick  and wide at the base and tapering to the end.  To shape the head, compress the treats into a teardrop shape. Further shape it with a good size snout with indentations for nostrils and eye sockets.  Place in the freezer or fridge to cool and set.

Attach tail to body.  Place two dowels in the front part of 6 inch cake.  Cut the skewer short enough so that it will not poke through the top of  your dino’s head.


For the feet, using the rice krispies or fondant, shape and place on the cake board in front of cake.

Cover the cake with fondant.  This color green was made using leaf green and forest green gel food coloring.  Roll it thickly so you can pinch a ridge down the back and tail.

Cover the head with fondant, taking care to press the fondant into the nostrils and eye sockets.  Pinch ridges over the eyes and down the back of the head coming together at the base of the head.  Use a bone tool to make identations for the mouth.


Make arms by shaping two equal pieces of fondant (with gum tex added) into logs and then using a knife to make two cuts in the end of each.  Pinch the three fingers into points to make claws.  Push skewers into the other end.  Set aside to dry and harden.

Begin adding the details.  Add spots in differing sizes and shapes, using a darker or contrasting color.


Using the big end of a piping tip, cut circles out of black fondant, attach to the nostrils.  Use white fondant to make pointed teeth.  Use two pieces of white fondant shaped like almonds for the eyes, layer with black circles and yellow slivers and attach to the eye sockets.  to make eyelids, roll two small ropes, and two more slightly smaller. Place the smaller underneath the eyes, then the larger over the top.

Attach arms.  Write a message and enjoy your Dinosaur!

I’ve created a flickr group so all of you can share picture of your T-Rexs’.