Wedding Cake Catch up


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Last year I was able to do a few cakes before my shoulder forced me to take a hiatus from baking.  Each cake was fun to make and definitely had its own personality, just like the brides and grooms they were made for.

This first cake was meant for an outside wedding that was moved last minute due to weather.  The reception look fabulous, very fun and fresh.IMG_3688IMG_3689

The second cake was a quick order from a friend whose brother was marrying his sweet heart in a simple ceremony. The bride chose the vibrant colors of purple and orange. I was given fairly free range as far as design went. I tried for a subtle tropical feel that was still very clean and contemporary.IMG_3883

And this last one, might be my favorite of the bunch.  When I think “wedding cake” this is what I think of. Traditional, feminine, with sumptuous floral accents. It makes me want to get back to baking! This reception was lovely, it was held downtown in a rooftop garden with amazing views.

IMG_3989 (2)

Also debuted was my handmade ivory cake stand. With gold accents being more on trend lately I needed something more neutral than my silver cake plateau.  I was pleased with how it came out, and it is nice to be able to provide another option to my clients.


IMG_3986 (2)


Cake Catch Up


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summer 2012 166

This cake is from over 3 years ago!! I don’t think I have posted it before. The best part was the inside, the client wanted it to be just as groovy inside as it was out side. I snapped some pictures before stacking the cake.

summer 2012 158summer 2012 164

So fun right! This next one has a fun story, I got a call from a couple that wanted a cake to commemorate the completion of a goal to visit every city in Utah.  They were going to head out to the last town on their list and it was even going to be covered by one of the local newspapers.   Such a fun idea!

house 001

These last two are more recent.  The little red dragon was for my eldest son who loves dragons. If you can’t tell, I made this in a hurry, before the Grandparents and uncles arrived.  The kitchen was a mess but the kid was happy and that is what matters.


Next was an Iron man cake for another of my sweet boys. It was fun and fairly simple.


A Cake For Azure


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It’s been months since making this cake. It was for a dear friend from California who had also relocated to Utah.  I loved the design she came up with, cheerful yet still elegant. The cake itself was devil’s food with fresh berries and chocolate fudge filling.


There is something so fun about making flowers that are more fantasy than a strictly botanical recreation.  Just thinking about it makes me want make some to have on hand.IMG_3321

Here is the beautiful bride and her groom.  Their reception was so fun, and full of beautiful moments. Best Wishes!!

August Blooms


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It is once again Garden blogger Blooms day for August. I hadn’t realized that I had not posted since April, missed all the in between months of spring and summer and now everything is on the dry and tired side. I managed to take some pictures right after a rain storm a week or two ago,when things looked a little fresher.



This is a Morden Sunrise rose, it really is beautiful and has a light fruity scent. Even the bees like it.  Last year after I planted it in the fall, I noticed that the hips turned an orangey red that would attract my attention from across the yard. So this year it covered in hips and I can’t wait to see it in the autumn.  Yeah for no deadheading too!



They look like little stars, bet they’d look good in a fall arrangement once they turn color.

IMG_3907Day lily Mini Pearl Pink?

Day lily season has come and almost gone. Last year I plant several varieties.  Mini Pearl Pink is definitely my favorite of the 3, only I don’t think that is what it really is…I bought two and planted them together, they are supposed to be pale pink with a light green throat and no discernible eye. What ever this is definitely taller than the 16 inches “Mini” is supposed to get, closer to 24 inches or taller.  It looks like what is on the tag for Strawberry Candy, of course that day lily looks nothing like any of the tags I have, being a muddy mauve that has chartreuse edges. It was not picture worthy, though I am hoping it will improve as it settles in.

IMG_3911 Day lily Rosy Returns

Rosy Returns did alright, some flowers were prettier shades than others.  I don’t think I would purchase it again though.

IMG_3935Zinnias, Gaillardia “Arizona Apricot” and Russian Sage bloom in one of the hotter spots in the yard.

IMG_3938I love perennials, but I love to slip in some zinnias, they do so well in our dry heat. Next summer I am planning on sowing some of the taller varieties and some cosmos for cutting.

IMG_3930A tiny native bee hiding in the blossom of a hollyhock “Peaches and Dreams”.

IMG_3894Lastly a few wider shots of our maturing garden.  In the foreground is a Boscobel english rose. Our crazy hot June stressed both of my newly planted David Austin roses, they both lost most of their newly grown leaves.  Thankfully both seem to have recovered and I got one little rose from the Boscobel.  Can’t wait to it fills in that area with fluffy pink blooms!


April Blooms


There are  several gardening blogs I like to read, one of which is May Dreams Gardens. On the 15th of every month she hosts a linky party where you can post what is blooming in your yard or garden.  I’ve meant to do this for a while now and resolved to finally do it today.  So of course, I woke up to this-


It is lovely to get moisture after such a warm dry winter, so no complaints here.  And I happen to get some snow free pictures the other day.


The view from my porch, most of the color you can see comes from Apricot Impression tulips my husband and I planted last fall.  They are really large and start out rather orangey before aging to a pretty coral pink.


Apricot Impression Tulips


Here is the opposite view of the same bed as above, sans snow.  Last year, in addition to the tulips, I planted Basket of Gold (Aurinia saxatilis), “Accent” daffodils, “Stainless”daffodils, blue pansies, (and some Marit tulips that yet to open) for spring color.  This year I added some Rock Cress (Aubrieta)  which will give a nice blue purple pop for weeks each spring.IMG_2072

This is a similar view from last April, just a little earlier.


Last spring, I spotted a gorgeous coral blooming shrub in a strangers front yard.  I had no idea what it was, so after driving by several more times, I decided to go up to the door and ask.  My boys were mortified, until i returned and told them no one had been home.  I found it on the internet, it was a flowering quince and then planted one in the fall.


It is a little scrawny now, but should reach 4-5 feet tall and wide.  This is double flowering variety that is supposed to be fruitless and thornless.  I’ll likely be adding a fruiting variety to the backyard eventually.


The quince is right behind our oh so lovely utility box in our side bed.  In this bed, I also planted “Geranium” Daffodils, in addition to tulip, rock cress, and basket of gold.


Geranium Daffy smell very sweet and have 2-3 blooms per stem.


Another of last years shots, a little earlier.  This years blooms seem to be about 3-4 weeks earlier than last years. IMG_3398

Our lilacs are blooming, and have been for around two weeks.  I am glad I had something to post on my first bloggers bloom day.  Hop on over to see more blooms at May Dreams.

Baby Cakes


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This first cake was for a sweet new mom at church who had recently had twin girls.  Those babies are so adorable! Double the cute for sure.  I was inspired by all the frilly and sweet dresses that show up at baby showers. The cake was butter vanilla with lemon curd and traditional butter cream.


This second cake was for a dear friend who was expecting her first little one.  She and her husband were planning on a Noah’s ark themed nursery so we made a cake to match.  Making all the little animals was so much fun.  My boys were enthralled as well, if it was up to them I would have made a whole zoo full of animals.


Here they are in their pre-assembled state.  I think the turtles were my favorite.


Two Sisters, Two Cakes


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One of my favorite things about making wedding cakes is when I get repeat orders from families.  These cakes were actually a few years apart, but I realized that I hadn’t posted the first one before.  It was for a friend’s son and his bride.  It’s been long enough ago that I don’t remember the flavors of the cake, but I do remember making all the different snowflakes and having a lot of fun doing it.  The picture isn’t fabulous, I really should take a photography class,  but this is the best I got.


The snowflakes were a mix of royal icing and gum paste painted with silver and ice blue luster dust.

About a year and a half later I got a call that one of the brides’ younger sisters (she has three) was getting married and having a summer wedding.  It was actually held in a backyard in my neighborhood.  The cake was devils food with mint chocolate ganache.


The top tier was fondant with piped royal icing coral polka dots, then a tier of light peach fondant with white brush embroidery flowers, and the bottom was white with more coral royal icing, this time in stripes.   I loved the opportunity to use so many techniques, but my favorite part of the cake were the gum paste dahlias.

IMG_2879 IMG_2880

I was very happy with how they came out, and the colors were perfect with the outdoor setting.